John Vigneau's Portfolio

About Me

This is John Vigneau's portfolio website. Here you will find a collection of all my work I have done over the years that I have been involved with Web Design and Development. I am a back-end Web Developer so I am primarily involved in coding on the server-side.

You can find me at linkedin

My Skills

I am skilled in HTML5/CSS and JavaScript with more than 3 years in using those languages. Over the past 2 years I have been involved in back-end languages NodeJS, React, React Native. I have also been learning during that time how to use and manipulate databases through PHP, MySQL, and Firebase, and WordPress. I have some knowledge about design, user experience, user interfacing and project management.

My Education

  • Humber College - Web Development and Interactive Media (2018-2021)
  • Nova Scotia Community College - Web Design (2013-2015)

My Portfolio

  • Capstone Story Collection

  • Problem: Create a page that uploads a story title, chapter title and chapter content to Firebase. If story is already created, add the chapter title and content to the respective subcollection.

    Solution: Use TinyMCE to format the text editors, use JavaScript to get the values from the content, set the Firebase scripts and send the data to Firebase.

    Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase, TinyMCE, WordPress

  • Accordion and Google Download

  • Problem: Create a page that displays the code for an accordion, as well as give the ability to download the code from Google Drive

    Solution: Use HTML and CSS to display the code and format the page, and use JavaScript for the accordion

    Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Dashboard Design

  • Problem: Create a spread-out dashboard

    Solution: Use HTML and CSS to display the page in the form of a dashboard

    Languages: HTML, CSS

  • Slideshow and Colour

  • Problem: Create a page that changes an image and the background colour

    Solution: Use JQuery to have the image and background colour change over a given time

    Languages: HTML, CSS, JQuery

  • PHP Excel List

  • Problem: Take data from a Excel sheet and output it

    Solution: Use PHP to read the data from a local Excel file and then show it in a table

    Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP

  • PHP Survey Form

  • Problem: Create a form that will be sent to a database

    Solution: Use PHP to take data from the form and send to database

    Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP